“KKBOX Music Awards” is one of the most important music events in Asia! All the awards are generated on the basis of 9 billion streaming and download clicks all over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and etc in the year. It shows the trend of pop culture and the influence of music, making “KKBOX Music Awards” not only representing the voice of the audiences, but also acting as an indicator of the market and especially in the Chinese music field.

As the leading digital music subscription services provider in Asia, KKBOX always supports the music industry in Taiwan and have held “KKBOX Music Awards” in the past 11 years. Numbers of awards are being presented in the ceremony, including “Artists of the Year”, “The Best New Artist”, “The Best Indie Artist” and etc. Beside of the wonderful performances from the winners, KKBOX also invites lots of famous artists to be the guests of the night. This year, the Awards had 1,000 media mentions, live broadcasted via television and on internet by 20 media from 7 countries, over 10 million viewers worldwide, 40% growth on artist music streams, all making “KKBOX Music Awards” so remarkable and being the most highlighted event of the year!