KKBOX Group is Asia’s leading media technology company on a mission to empower creative professionals and industries in the Digital Age. Started by a group of music loving Internet software developers, we built and launched the world’s first legal music streaming service in 2005. Based in Taipei, the heart of Mandopop music, we gradually grew our business from Taiwan out to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Ever curious towards reinvention and discovering new business models of the future, we have expanded our business scope from music streaming to live events, technology services, content, investments and continue to explore reinvention through innovation in the digital entertainment space.

Reinventing The Music Business

Smaller Place, Bigger Fun

We want people to own their own spaces online. A space for people who matter. A place to engage about things that matter. A place where people can genuinely support each other. Start SMALL on the way to bigger things.

Start invite-only clubs.


Gift or sell membership to friends and fans.


Give props to each other with Smallies, our virtual currency.


Show love that is worth something.


Cash out whenever.

Practical Dreamers Build

KKLab is an innovation research and development solutions provider and venture builder.

We design and engineer digital cloud transformation, system integration and technical infrastructure.


We develop AI, machine learning and data management solutions.


We innovate, incubate and accelerate new ventures and emerging technologies.

Streaming Platforms Redefined

KKStream provides a future-proof elastic solution ideal for streaming services both new and established.

Comprehensive solutions for rapidly changing streaming industry.


Ability to assist clients with content aggregation.


Streaming business expertise with keen insights into business perspectives.


Proven track record of world class clients.

Fostering Progressive Music and Culture

theFARM is Taiwan’s largest and most influential independent music label network. We are committed to shaping new and progressive culture through liberating creativity through an unconventional investment and technology, while keeping creatives in the driver’s seat.

A direct investment company for independent music labels.


Identify macro-trends and deal sourcing.


Unprecedented data intelligence and market insights.


Global distribution services to all major digital music distributors.


A growing network of like minded creative entrepreneurs.

Taking The Online Experience Offline

Dedicated to extending our online experience offline.


KKTIX, Taiwan’s No. 1 mobile ticketing service.


Live concert and music festival creation, production and marketing.


Live venue operations and management.

Taiwan’s Leading Video Streaming Service

Multi-platform VOD and live broadcasting service.


Featuring content from major broadcasters in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.


New innovative formats delivering original content.

From audio to video, online or offline, our dream is to provide the most unforgettable integrated cultural entertainment experience for our users.

Asia’s Most Influential Social Audio Brand

A comprehensive audio platform.


10 million active listeners including over 2 million paid users.


50 million tracks, 1000s of Podcast shows and over a million audiobooks.


Customized playlists tailored by local editors and AI scientists.


Our “Listen With” feature allows anyone to create their own“live” radio station.


The most extensive Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Western music charts.

The No.1 Digital Music Platform of Taiwan and Asia Pacific Chinese

The most exciting annual live music award show in Asia.


Features new trending regional and international guest artists.


Broadcasted and streamed globally.

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