Practical Dreamers Powered by Curiosity

Who we are

KKBOX Group is formed by various teams of professionals with different disciplinary skills collaborating together with a common vision of reshaping the world by building great products for better life.

Why we are here

We are always curious about how far we can stretch our collaborative abilities in design, Internet technology and business practice to continuously break the status quo for making things and our lives better.



    • May, 2017

      KKFARM debut

      Official launch of KKFARM, dedicated to identifying and funding the most promising early stage companies among Culture & Entertainment industry.

    • 2016
    • Jun, 2016

      Company restructure

      KKBOX group announces to restructure into a holding company to operate in three main business unit including music, video and e'commerce.

    • 2016
    • Dec, 2015

      KKTOWN debut

      KKBOX group launches a C2C ecommerce service known as KKTOWN, to provide mobile flea market.

    • 2015
    • Aug, 2014

      GIC investment

      GIC, a Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, has invested US$104 million in KKBOX Inc.

    • Mar, 2014

      KKTIX debut

      Offcial launch of KKTIX, to connect user from online to offline.

    • 2014
    • Oct, 2013

      Partnership with AIS in Thailand

      KKBOX partners with AIS, the biggest telecom in Thailand, to launch the music service in the local market.

    • Jun, 2013

      KKBOX in Japan

      A Japanese online music service called "LISMO unlimited" which renamed as "KKBOX", mark KKBOX's official launch in Japan.

    • Jan, 2013

      KKBOX in Singapore and Malaysia

      KKBOX launches in Singapore and Malaysia.

    • 2013
    • Apr, 2012

      Partnership with Facebook

      KKBOX becomes the first music app partner of Facebook in the Asia-Pacific region.

    • 2012
    • Mar, 2011

      HTC Investment

      HTC announced to invest US$10 million in KKBOX Inc.

    • 2011
    • Dec, 2010

      KDDI Investment

      KDDI Corporation of Japan announced to acquire 76% of KKBOX Inc. shares.

    • 2010
    • Nov, 2009

      KKBOX in Hong Kong

      KKBOX Hong Kong launch, bringing KKBOX services to Hong Kong and Macau, it is the first oversea market for KKBOX.

    • Jan, 2009

      First music stream app in iTunes App Store

      KKBOX's iPhone and iPod Touch versions hit the market, which has successfully entered the Apple iTunes Store. It is the first legal online music services for iPhone and iPod Touch in the world.

    • 2009
    • Feb, 2006

      KKBOX Music Awards

      KKBOX hold its first digital music award ceremony in Taiwan; also known as "KKBOX Music Awards". It has soon become one of the influential event for digital music industry.

    • 2006
    • Oct, 2004

      KKBOX debut

      KKBOX launches in Taiwan as premium service to provide on-demand streaming music.

    • 2004
    • Jan, 2000

      First product of KKMAN

      KKMAN launches as hybrid browser to support both Web and BBS.

    • 2000
    • Sep, 1999

      Company establishment

      Skysoft founded, a predecessor company to KKBOX.